Homestyling means that we use objects to compliment and elevate a home – working with already existing furniture. We add textiles, art, lamps, plants, cushions, throws, flowers and other details to optimize the home for photography and viewing.


Home-staging means giving us an empty house and we will make it into a home. In a this plan we bring all interior pieces – beds, sofas and tables as well as smaller furniture and details. We build up a home in an empty house. 


Photography of interior for real estate purpose and/or social media advertisement. Work done with mirrorless camera and drone if needed for exterior. Editing in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. 


Intentions videography to create desired feeling for the viewer. The end result of visuals are agreed on in a consultation prior. Who is the desired client? Who are you attracting to this particular listing etc. As an example it could be a selling/clean scandinavian look or more earthy/cozy feeling that invites people wanting to live in the house. 


Creativity and present moment averseness is achieved in organized and decluttered space. Objects we have around us draws our energy subconsciously.Liberation in many levels can start from organizing and decluttering the space you live in. Let us help you to organize your items in way that will bring you peace and happiness being in your home. 


This offerings comes from ancestors ways of clearing stagnant energies in a home. After a party, after renting your place, or just after a guest have been staying just little too long. We use smoke of resins and herbs and to bind and release the energetical tension in a home. After smoke ceremony – we bring sweetness with scented waters from plants and essential oils. Home clearing kit included to continue whenever it’s needed. 

vastu shastra consultation

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture based on ancient texts that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry.We offer a space alignment consultation to furnish a space according to Vastu Shastra principles based on cardinal directions to bring maximum auspiciousness  to your home. 

social media content

Creativity and present moment averseness is achieved in organized and decluttered space. Objects we have around us draws our energy subconsciously.Liberation in many levels can start from organizing and decluttering the space you live in. Let us help you to organize your items in way that will bring you peace and happiness being in your home. 


Cant find the shelf you are dreaming of? We know exactly how it feels. We design and produce furniture in-house. Check out our shop or send us a message and we take it from there. 



Starting at $5400

Do you wish to upgrade your Airbnb to the next level? We know what attracts travelers and what feels like home. Upgrading a rental home interior will make your business be more profitable in the long term. This one-time investment will elevate your income and have your place sold out from now on. 

  • Vastu consultation for your space
  • Color advice
  • Interior styling
  • Photography and videos 


Starting at $500

Are you having friends over and wish to have a perfect setup to welcome them? We got your back. This service is for enhancing your space with cleaning, flowers, scented accessories, decluttering, and more. Spend your time with your family and friends and we will make sure you do it in a pleasant atmosphere. 

  • Interior styling with home accessories 
  • Energetical space clearing
  • Scenting each room/space accordingly 
  • Making table for meal gathering


Starting at $500

Do you wish to show your space from the best angle and share it with the world? We got you. With this service, you will get the best visuals for marketing your listing or your Airbnb home so you can attract the right clients. 

  • Intentional Photography
  • Videography for various online platforms
  • Interior styling


Starting at $900

It is statically proven that styling a real estate object can enhance a price and attract the right buyer faster. This service is custom-made for that – attract the right buyer and sell your listing faster. 

  • Interior styling with home accessories 
  • Intentional Photography
  • Videography for various online platforms
  • Drone footage



Home styling or staging is the process of enhancing the looks of a home to prepare it for sale. We at Lilac Living Interiors bring in homeware, art and furniture to prepare the house for sale. While arranging furniture, decorating, and decluttering are obvious aspects of home styling/staging, it can also include detailed cleaning, painting, and landscaping to give potential buyers a clear picture of how their future home would look.



In a competitive dream property market like Guanacaste, standing out from other properties is the only way to get the best value out of your property. Property styling experts say that you can use décor elements to develop emotional connections, making it easier for a potential buyer to make a decision.



Property prices are skyrocketing and a buyer who is paying a lot of money, expects good value in return too. When they see imperfections, clutter and boring spaces, they will either not buy or ask for a price reduction. Home staging and styling experts at Lilac Living Interiors can make the property look flawless and enable the buyer to visualise themselves and their belongings in the property. If a buyers are not imaginative - they need a demonstration of how the house can work for them with each room having a particular purpose and personality.



We are all visual and emotional beings who make the majority of our decisions based on visual and emotional appeal. While everyone has different tastes and styles, when it comes to selling a house, home staging and styling experts will style your property in a way that the target buyers will envision themselves living there. According to statistics, buyers make up their minds within 60 seconds of entering a house, and a professionally styled property can make an impeccable first impression on the prospective buyer.



If a property stays longer in the market, there are more chances of price dropping. A professionally styled property sells quicker and therefore helps the seller secure more profit.



No home is flawless, even the well-loved ones have a crooked corner or a worn-out carpet. A professional property stylist can cover those defects with the smart use of props and make them look flawless. Renovating can cost a lot of money, but you can upsell your property at a fraction of the cost with property styling.



A property stylist can create the impression of spaciousness even in a small space. If a space in your property appears tight and congested, creative styling can make it appear larger and much more spacious, resulting in a higher value offer.

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